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Growing up in Jamaica, as a country boy, it allowed me to have a deep appreciation for food. I can recall the days when I would sell food with my mom in her booth at Carnival, getting to see firsthand, how delicious food brought much excitement to the faces of so many. It brought joy to my heart, to see how people's mood would change just by the aroma of jerk spices in the air. It was very fulfilling to see how their faces would light up with joy as they dived in for the next bite of that mouth-watering jerk chicken. That appreciation for food, people and cooking has allowed me to discover the countless ways to use this natural sweetener, called "HONEY" in my kitchen. 

From grilling to roasting, Honey can be used in just about any recipe, whether served hot or cold. Honey is great when used in baked goods, as its silky texture keeps baked goods so moist.  Replace sugar with equal parts honey in your favourite cake or cookie recipe, and taste the difference. A light drizzle of this luxurious treat on your toast can turn a piece of bread into a spectacular breakfast – Yes hunni, Honey Guru honey Soooo Yummi Hunni!!!!!

My mission is to inspire positive change and achievement in people and communities across Canada & the World by improving mental wellness, and creating lasting memories while building a legacy through supporting education, providing training, motivation, social engagement, and entertainment through this very platform.

“I will continue to support homegrown talent under my mantra "HAPPY MIND". A happy mind is about making improved decisions for one’s self. I want to spread the word of the importance of supporting local businesses, preparing foods more healthily, and keeping our communities safe and clean.

I am  a Social Entrepreneur who believes that no child should be deprived of education because of common necessity, which is where I saw the need to carry-on my father’s legacy by creating the Albert George Loney Foundation. This program will form partnerships with local school districts and the juvenile court system in Jamaica. The goal of the AGL Foundation is to foster a commitment to youth that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. This partnership will yield in the development of youths in the community of Grange Hill, Strathbogie and Petersfield. $0.25 from each bottle of honey sold will be donated to the Albert George Loney Foundation for "youth at risk”. I am excited as I look forward to the many opportunities that this venture will bring.


Christopher Loney Founder| CEO

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