Hunni Gurus Apiary

We are a family operated and owned business located in Grange Hill Westmoreland, Jamaica. Our main goal is to provide top quality all natural bee products; therefore we will only use natural, raw, organic ingredients in all our products. At The Hunni Gurus Apiary our focus goes beyond honey production.

Our passion is taste in every bottle of this exquisite blend of raw unfiltered 100% Jamaican HONEY, it is harvest at its peak of maturity to guarantee superior quality. We take our HONEY straight from our hives, which is then process in small batches to ensure freshness nothing added nothing subtracted just pure goodness. This organic molasses-like flavour HONEY from The Hunni Gurus Apiary is unheated, unpasteurized, and unfiltered to provide pure, nutrient-dense local honey. Every batch is tested for purity and moisture content and never blended or diluted in any way.

SERVICES- BEE & SWARM REMOVAL but not limited to: This include swarms in bushes or trees. Some honey bees may also build homes inside the walls or roofs of houses. This can be a tricky process but The Hunni Gurus Apiary provides trained and experienced beekeepers that removes honey bees from houses or buildings with no damages.

Our product line will include but not limited to Honey, Bee Wax, Bee Pullen, Royal Jelly, and Bee Venom.


Christopher Loney

CEO, Managing Director